Unlocking new routes in Africa with e-flight

(Posted 07th October 2022)

PODCAST: Unlocking new routes inAfrica with e-flight
We are taking a leap into the future as we attempt to understand the opportunity offered to African aviation from new technologies, specifically e-flight.  

In the podcast, we discuss:
What inspired the report and what it sets out to understand?
The sustainable technologies available currently 
Why e-flight, rather than SAF or hydrogen power craft?
How close we are to commercialised electric flights?
What are some of the barriers holding back the implementation?
How will we fund the infrastructure required at an airport level?
What sort of connectivity could this technology offer Africa?
How do we make it a reality? Is it simply a mixture of collaboration and cash?
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During AviaDev Africa 2022, the NACO team presented a though provoking session about the opportunities that exist for e-flight in Africa.  Just what are the hurdles and opportunities that could be unlocked through this new technology?
naco report
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