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60 YEARS - Brussels Airport

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Best of Belgium Beer & Bites
Looking for some culinary delights? Treat yourself to some great seafood in the Black Pearls restaurant (Pier A) where star chef David Martin added his own touch to the menu.

Not too far from there, you will find the pop-up bar “Best of Belgium Beer & Bites”, in style of 60 years Brussels Airport, as of September 17.

Here, you can combine the best Belgian beers with some refined appetizers, bearing the signature of star chef Viki Geunes. Italian restaurant AMO also appeals to a well-known chef. Each season Peppe Giacomazza adds 2 typical dishes to the menu.
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Phenomenal architecture and culture of Belgium
Did you know that Bruges is called the Venice of the North? That you won’t find more cartoonists per square meter in any country than in Belgium? And when we talk about our Belgian gold, we are talking about our crunchy golden fries?

Belgium has many great things to offer such as a number of famous landmarks, diverse culture, stunning architecture and so much more. Curious? Discover the 99 phenomenal reasons to visit Belgium.

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