Watamu set to host ILTA World Championship at Hemingways


Memories of the days of Ernest Hemingway, who often came to the Kenya coast for deep sea fishing in his days, will be recalled when during the last week of November this year Hemingways in Watamu will be hosting the ILTA Deep Sea Fishing World Championship.

The Indian Ocean waters off the Kenya coast, but in particular off Watamu, are listed as among the top five major deep sea fishing spots in the world. The annual big game fish migration passes along the Kenya coast as regular as clockwork and has hence been chosen once again to host this prestigious event, which brings aficionados from around the world to Watamu year after year.

Since 1995 is a strict ‘tag and release’ policy in place, which helps to preserve some of the rarer big game fish species without taking the sport away, for which over 80 participants are once again expected this year. Boats will set out at dawn and leave shore at 06.30 am every morning during the 6 day competition and must be back by 16.00 hrs or 4 pm. Upon capture, using either a 50 lb for Marlin or a 30 lb line for Sailfish, the fish will be weighed and then tagged before being released again into the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Price giving and closing of the annual event is set for Friday 30th of November.

For more information on the International Light Tackle Association’s championship contact Anne Murungi at anne.murungi or Charity Katago at charity.katago

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