Weekend travel impressions by Lillian Gaitho

Lillian rounded up her week, after announcing earlier that Jovago.com where she works as Head of PR will open an office in Dar es Salaam soon, by telling us about the top hotel pool views in East Africa … considering the bucketing rain outside my tent, I am spending the weekend at the Nairobi Tented Camp inside the Nairobi National Park, the mere thought of diving into a pool makes me feel brrrrrr but then, when the sun shines again it is another ball game altogether … Enjoy!

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Top 7 Hotel Swimming Pool Views in East Africa

From magical dimensions to magnificent designs, swimming pools have advanced in time to more than just a cooling haven. The invention of cutting-edge infinity pools that seem to vanish into the horizons to all weather pools that keep you warm in freezing temperatures, guests more than ever will rate a hotel’s amenities depending on the indulgence they can gather from the deck side. Here are few of pools in East Africa worth a visit as listed for you by Lillian.

Desert Rose Lodge – Kenya

I recommend this exotic place; first because it’s an architectural classic and secondly because Desert Rose, is a timeless beauty and jewel in the wild. It’s located in the extremely remote and wild North Eastern Kenya, facing Mt. Nyiru along the peripheries of Lake Turkana. The swimming pool, designed in unusual dimension drips with scenery and a magical horizon garlanded with views of both the lake and the mountain.

Mweya Safari Lodge – Uganda

If you are a safari aficionado with a fantasy for cooling off in endless or at least giving the illusion of endless sparkling waters, you’ll certainly enjoy picking the pool at Mweya Safari Lodge for a dive. The pool overlooks the meandering Kazinga channel which separates Lake George and Lake Edward. Enjoy sipping cocktails as you identify wildlife coming to cool off on the shores of the channel as well as the medley of choruses from the abundant birdlife in the region.

The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel – Kenya

For some reason, guests tend to spend more time in the pool watching the sea wave dances under the sun rays. Maji Boutique is right at the shores of Diani Beach, overlooking the powder white stretches of sand. Springing from the lobby and snaking its turquoise way around the pillars, this pool creates a floating feel on the hotel for a warm, buoyant ambience.

Chobe Safari Lodge – Uganda

The water on this three tier pool glows in a shimmering blue as it cascades towards the mighty Nile, not too far from the picturesque Murchison Falls. Relaxing in the pool just as the sun sets gives one a feeling of calmness and enjoyment of both the pool’s classical design and the warm waters.

Lake Manyara Serena Lodge – Tanzania

Standing high on the edge of a towering terracotta escarpment and overlooking the Great Rift Valley, is a unique blend of adventure and tranquility. The infinity pool seems to drop straight into the lake in dramatic and magical extent. Listen to the fierce roars of the famous tree climbing lion and the mighty trumpeting of the hippo families below.

Pumulani Beach Resort – Malawi

Pumulani is subtly nestled in among the lush hills that dot Lake Malawi. The swimming pool gives an illusion of timeless continuity as if forming a secluded and habitable spot in the Lake of Stars. Enjoy swimming with the sun’s shadows during the day, and indulge among the thousands of twinkles floating in the pool’s reflection of Malawi’s nightly sky!

Jambo Mutara Camp – Kenya

Everyone agrees that nothing beats a panoramic wild view, with a 20,000 hectare stretch of beauty all to yourself! The turquoise waters at Jambo Mutara contrast dramatically with the surrounding green vegetation and seems to go on and on, forming small rapids along the raised deck.

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