Where is East Africa’s next Green Summit taking place? Read on to find out!


(Posted 08th May 2015)

Judy Kepher-Gona has just shared the details of the planned Green Summit due to be held on 11th and 12th of June in Nairobi, which, or so it is understood, is open for participants from across Eastern Africa and beyond. The meeting will be held under the theme ‘The Future is Green’, discussing a wide range of topics to draw attention of participants and the media to the need for sustainable development and the increasing use of renewable energy sources. This is literally a must attend conference for everyone involved in the hospitality and tourism industry across the region. STTA thankfully included the most important details of the upcoming meeting for readers to understand the importance of the Green Summit and to prepare for active participation:

Start quote:

Globally, the business case for green development is getting stronger. There is need for everyone (private sector, communities, CSOs and public sector) to position himself or herself to tap into opportunities provided by this paradigm shift. The Green Summit aims to provide a challenging interactive environment for debate and learning on green development trends.

There are several stand-alone initiatives being undertaken by different stakeholders in public, private and by non-state actors towards green development. There is need for a learning and exchange forum where thought leaders in green, innovators, and even amateurs exchange experiences, learn about trends and get to know about innovative products and services that are powering green development. The Green Summit and the Mazingira Award is such a forum’ wrote Judy Kepher-Gona, the Director of STTA.

Some Topics to be covered include

· Environpreneurship

· Why embracing green is transformative leadership

· Making green work for destination branding

· Embracing Green in Hotels & Lodges

· Cleaner productions in Hotels and lodges

· Green Design- what are the drivers

· Using green to promote sense of place

Registration for participants remains open and interested parties and organizations should write directly to STTA and register via email info