Wings of Kilimanjaro set to have 100 climbers fly off Uhuru peak


Wings of Kilimanjaro has obtained a special dispensation from the Tanzanian government to allow for the globally supported event to go ahead, which will include some 100 approved participants overall, all of whom will also attempt to climb the peaks of Africa’s highest mountain in a record breaking adventure, starting this coming Sunday, 27th January.

The group will, after reaching Uhuru Peak, paraglide from the top of the mountain in a never seen before spectacle, which however has charitable reasons besides the adrenalin boost for the participants.

Event organizers have confirmed that they are intend to raise about 2 billion Tanzania Shillings for local charities, a figure which brought President Kikwete on board, giving the mission his personal seal of approval.

TANAPA contacts confirmed that the ban on the use of gliders and parachutes from the mountain has been specifically lifted for the event. Some 750 support staff, mainly porters and guides, will be accompanying the group up the mountain from where they will attempt to jump off Uhuru Peak’s 19.340 feet elevation, then gliding to the bottom of the mountain and a designated landing site.

To be sure that everybody can reach the summit the climb will take 7 days to allow for sufficient acclimitation instead of the standard 5 day climb, which then also includes the return by foot, in this case however done by ‘Wings’ with the equipment carried up to the peak, assembled and then ‘boarded’ for the flight down.

The Tanzania Tourist Board, TANAPA and other stakeholder organizations will be having all eyes on the event, which has been in the making for over 2 years by the Australian organizers, with global media and TV stations expected to cover the record breaking attempt, besides the social media being tuned into the adventure too. Hash tagging is expected to make the climb and flights ‘trend’ helping to promote tourism to Tanzania and raising awareness to the needs of the people of Tanzania.

It is understood that every participant will be bringing some 5.000 US Dollars in donations for the cause. Congratulations to the participants and organizers and good luck to every one of them to accomplish their goal.