#WorldTourismNetwork wants to have a voice at the #COP28 and have the 137 countries attending DO SOMETHING


(Posted 04th December 2023)



Alain St. Ange, the Vice President for Government Relations at the World Tourism Network, has called on the 137 countries participating in the current summit in Dubai / UAE, that private sector organizations should have a voice in the deliberations, especially global heavyweights like the WTN.



Alain St. Ange told ATCNews: ‘We don’t know what to do but 137 countries at one event is an opportunity to talk sense so the suffering on all sides in this terrible conflict, threatening world peace, climate change progress and of course the global travel and tourism industry can be stopped. Therefore we are not completely speechless. I am scratching my head about today’s developments and our appeal is: DO SOMETHING.

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