#WTMAfrica2023 – In 2022, they upped their game – let’s do it again!


(Posted 15th February 2023)


WTM Africa 2023 figures even bigger


WTM Africa 2023 figures even bigger
Dear ATCNews Readers,
WTM Africa hit it out of the park last year, and the proof is in the numbers.
In 2022, they:
  • Welcomed 6,200 visitors and 384 exhibiting companies.
  • Represented 32 countries.
  • Were inspired by 187 speakers.
  • Facilitated 63 content sessions.
  • Helped generate 22% more meetings.
  • Generated 12,387 appointment requests and 7,000 pre-scheduled appointments for our exhibitors.
  • Had 72 partners and 500 buyers.
They certainly set the benchmark for 2023’s event and they intend to raise the bar once again.
Join them at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 03rd to 05th of April as they attempt to break records and work to set the tone for the travel industry’s success for the remainder of the year and beyond.
Recover. Rebuild. Innovate – Together.