Zambezi Grande, a family-owned luxury lodge opens on the banks of the Zambezi River

(Posted 21st October 2022)

The Zambezi Grande, a family-owned, luxury boutique lodge on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia has opened, bordering Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park.

The new lodge is one of the most sophisticated and luxurious along this game-filled stretch of the mighty Zambezi River, an idyllic home base for exploring all the destination has to offer. And there hasn’t been a better time to experience Zambia as visa fees have just been scrapped for American and British travelers, amongst others. 

Zambezi Grande’s guests can experience this wilderness on morning and afternoon game drives, river cruises, and walking safaris and try their hand at tiger fish fishing. Whether relaxing on the pool deck, enjoying a sundowner cruise on the river, or unwinding on the terrace watching the wildlife passing by, the mighty Zambezi is the focal point. Perfect for those seeking a five-star escape while immersed in nature, the 10-room lodge is ready to welcome guests through its doors. 

Luxury Accommodations

In 2021 Zambezi Grande was completely reimagined by Michelle Throssell Interiors. What was previously a Cape Dutch-style homestead on the banks of the river was thoughtfully and meticulously designed to be the most luxurious and sophisticated lodge in the Lower Zambezi. 

The lodge’s interiors draw from a nature-inspired color palette, a homage to the verdant landscape of the area, featuring warm, neutral tones. A sense of place is achieved through locally sourced decorative accents such as bowls and baskets made by local artisans. To ensure a unique look and feel Michelle had much of Zambezi Grande’s furniture custom designed and made by South African artisans and pillows and other soft goods were stitched especially for the lodge.  

The boutique ten-room lodge sleeps just 20 people and offers two room categories; Luxury Rooms and Exclusive Suites, each providing privacy and unobstructed views of the Zambian wilderness. 

Five free-standing Superior Suites offer magnificent views of the Zambezi River, seamlessly merging with the scenery and offering an ideal home away from home to relax and unwind. 

Luxury Rooms are nestled within the Zambian wilderness, boasting private verandas, large open floor plans, and well-appointed bathrooms. Each Luxury Room features warm, inviting interiors for a tranquil haven after a day of adventures and safari experiences.

Each room comes complete with a handmade drinks cabinet, curated individually for each guest and stocked with a variety of South Africa’s finest wines, local Zambian gin, and housemade fresh juices. The lodge offers twelve cocktails with the most refreshing being a Zambezi Grande shandy; a combination of the famous local Zambian lager ‘’Mosi’’ and local gingerbeer ‘’Tingling’’.

Safari and Wildlife Experiences

The lesser known Lower Zambezi National Park is 140,000 acres of pristine wilderness, and home to a variety of wildlife including wild dog, elephant, leopard, lion, hippo, buffalo, zebra, and kudu to name a few. 

Zambezi Grande is known for its river safaris, where guests can explore by boat along the Zambezi River, experiencing a glimpse of the country’s unspoiled natural offerings. This unique safari offers guests a unique experience to encounter wildlife lingering on the banks in their natural habitat in an unobtrusive fashion.

On a walking safari, discover the astonishingly diverse landscape trailing off the Lower Zambezi National Park while joined by expert guides. Guests can experience adventure up-close, walking through open plains on foot and discovering Zambia’s finest flora and fauna.

Zambezi Grande also offers classic game drives, led by expert guides on a spectacular open vehicle to search for a vast array of the most magnificent animals in Africa. The Lower Zambezi National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife and offers plenty of opportunity to sight many of the Big 5 (with the exception of Rhino). Along the way, guests are provided snacks and drinks to enjoy while marveling at the unspoiled terrain.

The Zambezi River and its surrounds is a bird enthusiast’s paradise. The area is home to nearly 400 different bird species, including the sought-after Livingstone’s Fly-Catcher and the rare Pel’s Fishing Owl. For those that want even more out of their birding experience, Zambezi’s team of expert guides can arrange specialist birding drives. 

For fishing enthusiasts, Zambezi Grande is an excellent location for sport angling. Unearth the wonders beneath the waters of the great Zambezi River by casting a line for one of the many incredible underwater predators. Although a strict catch-and-release policy is enforced, prized species such as Tiger Fish and Vundu make the Lower Zambezi any sport angler’s dream destination. 

Dining at Zambezi Grande

The cuisine at Zambezi Grande celebrates local and seasonal flavors with a sustainable approach to its menu. Taking advantage of the abundance of incredible produce the Zambezi River and Zambia have to offer, Zambezi Grande supports the local farming communities.

The majority of foods are made in-house from scratch by the property’s talented chefs who share the same passion for using seasonally available ingredients. As a result, the food is fresh and interesting, whilst eliminating many of the preservatives associated with conventionally packaged pantry items.

Conservation Initiatives

Committed to conservation, the lodge plays a pivotal role in the local community, employing and empowering Zambians and bringing a sustainable source of revenue to local households.

Through outreach programs, the lodge assists in educating and inspiring the youth of the area and through conservation initiatives to safeguard the wilderness heritage of the Lower Zambezi for generations to come.

An example of this is Zambezi Grande’s Zambezi Grande Vision Tree project which encourages guests to purchase a tree that is planted by young members of the community in the neighboring villages of Muguramano and Mushonganhende. The aim is to slow the process of deforestation and desertification and allow the environment to regenerate but also to inspire an interest in the environment in the young community members who will care for the trees. 

The lodge is open seasonally between April and November.

Rates start from USD $700 per person per night based on two sharing.

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