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(Posted 23rd August 2022)

Classic Zambia brings together Zambia’s premier owner-run safari and conservation organizations, working in the regions most prolific wildlife areas.

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Kafue National Park:

Musekese Camp
Ntemwa-Busanga Camp

Lower Zambezi National Park:

Kutali Camp
Chula Island Camp

Liuwa Plains National Park:

Mobile Safari

Here below are a few “sneak peaks” from Ntemwa-Busanga Camp (Kafue) and Kutali Camp (Lower Zambezi), both offer a close to nature experience in the very best locations in Zambia… if you know, you know!

Here is the link to our Marketing and Media Folder.

Gilbert Kangombe – Classic Zambia Safari GuideTell us about yourself.

How did you come to be a safari guide?
My full name is Gilbert Kangombe, I was brought up in a typical village and went to school in the same village. My dad died in 1990, so I stayed with my mom. But in the village there was no employment in the village. Then, the day came in 1999, where an English man came and opened the camps Kapinga and Ntemwa (called Musanza today). They called me to come and work as handyman to help build the camp. After building the camp, I was one of the guys who was picked to be a housekeeper. In 2000, I was working as a housekeeper but then management said they wanted me to train as a waiter in the same year. But because we were two waiters, we were working shifts and so in the morning I was waitering and in the afternoon they sent me on the game drive to do the spotting. That’s when the interest sparked to become a guide. In 2001, I joined another company, and trained to become a chef as well as a guide. I did the cooking but I wanted to become a guide. So I quit being a chef, studied for the guides’ exams, passed the exams and have been guiding ever since.
Is there anything about your job that challenges you?
That’s a difficult question (laughs). The most challenging is to make sure the guests are happy. Because they all have so many different backgrounds you always need to re-learn the guest. You need to understand them in a short period of time and know how to impress them.
What is your favorite animal in the bush?
The serval. It was made up with only the most beautiful parts. The face and ears are from a caracal, the legs and slender body are from a cheetah, and the snout from an African wild cat. I see all the cats in serval when I look at it.And I also like guineafowls, they are always busy and look funny!
What advice do you have for people who are going on safari for the first time?
To take in the full safari experience, go on every activity because there are all so different and you learn about different things.

Looking for last-minute flight options in Zambia? – Our Cessna 210 light-aircraft can be booked throughout Zambia and especially our main circuit routes (Lusaka, Jeki, Lufupa, Livingstone)!

2023 Safari Rates Our 2023 rates are now ready (LINK HERE) 

A Lower Zambezi favourite itinerary, the ‘Tusk & Mane Experience’ is now a STAY 6 PAY 5 and no longer a 4 for 3. The Lower Zambezi offers so much variety and this is an incredible incentive to book at least five nights, which can be taken in any combination of our two camps

The ‘Classic Zambia Combos’ are the ultimate Zambian itineraries, combining the very best of the Kafue and the Lower Zambezi at the best possible prices. Huge variety in wildlife and experience with the easiest possible logistics

No more daunting internal logistics, let us arrange flight and/or road transfers using our ‘Classic Zambia Flight Rates’ (found on the link above) –  they are very competitive for all of our common routes!

Agent Info 

Here is the link to our brand new Marketing and Media Folder
Notable features include some very helpful fact sheets of each camp (opening periods, camp layout, points-of-interest, etc.) and some wonderful short videos and imagery. 

We also now have live availability through our Res Request reservations portal – click here to check space!

Should you need additional help with marketing material, sales tools, or itinerary recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact Tyrone or Luke at info@classiczambiasafaris.com

Please note the below cell phone numbers which are valid for daytime hours as well as emergency calls. We invite you to replace these numbers in any literature you send to your clients.

For reservation matters, continue to use info@classiczambiasafaris.com 

Lodge Numbers (including emergency):  +260 761 956 680 and +260 97 417 3403

Musekese Conservation has continued its work across the Eastern region of greater Kafue National Park with considerable successes on all fronts. We have recently recorded a significant increase in all large carnivore species, most notably wild dog and leopard, whilst lions are on the cusp of a major comeback with numerous new individuals being identified. Our research team, together with Panthera, ZCP and DNPW, are busy conducting intensive studies to better understand the population dynamics of all the wildlife, whilst our anti-poaching teams recorded little evidence of illegal activity, a sure sign that our presence is having an impact. Together with African Parks’ fire-fighting team we were able to secure much of the core area from unplanned bush fires and the future for wildlife in the region is bright!
The team was also delighted to welcome two new interns from the Copperbelt University who have fitted in seamlessly and added great value to all of our undertakings, Paula and Grace keep up the great work! Full sponsorship was provided for one of our Wildlife Police Officer’s to pursue his BSc in Wildlife and Natural Resources Management – Akeem, we wish you every success.
Lastly we are extremely happy to report that African Parks has signed the much anticipated agreement with DNPW and the Government of Zambia for the long term joint management of Kafue National Park! This is an important milestone in the history of KNP and we look forward to continuing to work with African Parks, DNPW and partners in the Greater Kafue landscape. Read the full press release here!
Thank you to all of our guests, sponsors and donors for the continued support. For more information on Musekese Conservation and how you can support our efforts please click here.


Musekese Anti Poaching unit Contact Us

Reservation Office:
TPIN: 2481852186
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Telephone: +260974173403
Email: info@classiczambiasafaris.com
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