#Zambia – The History of Luangwa Valley


(Posted 04th February 2023)


By Gill Staden


Gill Staden, in the past a regular contributor to ATCNews, has now published another book about Zambia, focusing on the Luangwa Valley.

For anyone interested to visit Zambia but also for tour and safari operators and guides, this is a very valuable addition to their reference books.

Writes Gill:

Dear All

I have been quiet!  However, I have been busy.

The History of the Luangwa Valley tells the stories of the people who lived there in the past, from the hunter-gatherers to the Bantu followed by the slave trade and colonial rule.

I hope it will prove to be a valuable addition to your library.  I certainly learned a great deal during the research and had a lot of fun putting it together.

It is available on Amazon.