Zanzibar clashes see two churches burnt and running battles between Islamic radicals and security forces

In what has been described as acts of frenzied madness have radical Islamists attacked at least two churches in Zanzibar over the weekend, setting them on fire while engaging in running battles with security forces, which were rushed to the scene to deal with the outbreak of sectarian violence, amidst demands to remove Zanzibar from the union Tanganyika under which the United Republic of Tanzania was formed two years after independence. Senior members of the Uamsho radical movement were arrested as were scores of others from amongst the rioters, and tourism sources from Zanzibar have expressed their serious concern over the safety of tourists, now that the threshold of burning Christian churches was crossed. Last year the same radical group was accused to have organized attacks on bars, clearly with the aim of introducing a radical form of Islam to the island, banning alcohol and turning tourist resorts into empty shells, in what has in the past been a moderate and tolerant Islamic society on the Spice Island. All of yesterday were tourists kept in their resorts as heavily armed riot police and other security organs were deployed in the ancient Stone Town, where the usual hustle and bustle of shops and street vendors bargaining with tourists had come to a standstill.
Uamsho, a Swahili word in short for the Association for Islamic Mobilisation and Propagation has demanded a referendum to leave the union and members in the past were reported to have vowed to use whatever means necessary to force the issue, clearly not ruling out violence as seen this weekend.
Tanzania, hitherto one of East Africas most peaceful countries with not one internal uprising or coup attempt, is reeling from the level of violence reported from Zanzibar and the tourism industry has already raised concerns and asked for immediate assurances from government that the safety and security of tourists would be guaranteed at all times while in turn informing overseas tour operators of the event and pointing out that not one tourist has come to harm as the immediate reaction from resort and hotel managers kept the visitors in the resort and made sure they would not be caught up in the street clashes. Said a regular source from Zanzibar in response to queries raised overnight and awaited before dispatching this report: The attack on two churches and burning one completely and one partially is the worst I have seen. It crossed the line in the sand because the majority of Muslims in Zanzibar was always tolerant of other religions and vice versa. If this radicalization is now spreading we are worried that the next thing they do is burn a resort or a restaurant or bar or night spot where tourists would normally go. The weekend has changed the game for Zanzibar tourism and we need to sit and strategize the way forward and how we can prevent tourists getting caught or targeted by such criminals. We shall also sit with government to map out a response about how TTB is dealing with this and how we can get extra security to beef up our own in the resorts. Tourism minister Khamis Kagesheki is also expected to issue a statement about the incidents later today as clearly the events shocked the political establishment in Dar es Salaam with the degree of violence and the targeting of Christian churches. Watch this space.

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