#Zimbabwe postpones #HarareCarnival


(Posted 22nd November 2018)

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority would like to advise all partners, stakeholders, the media and the general populace that after wide consultations it has been decided to defer the hosting of the Harare International Carnival.
The much anticipated annual national event which was pencilled for December 2018 will not be held this year and this decision was not arrived at lightly.
The year 2018 was punctuated by numerous competing events that led to the postponement of the event from its original October timing and we had hoped to hold the carnival before year end.
The competing events at this time of the year, careful consideration of the weather conditions that are usually characterised by rainfall and the current prevailing economic climate contributed to getting to this decision.
We want to make sure that the event is everything it should be and without adequate resources and a conducive environment, it would be a disservice to the Harare International Carnival Brand and the general populace.
We understand that everyone was super excited about the event and we are aware that the carnival has become a major part of the entertainment calendar. Therefore, we would like to apologise for any inconveniences caused as this was an eagerly anticipated annual event which celebrated the beauty of the Zimbabwean cultural diversity and celebration of our hopes and aspirations in the second republic.
Please look out for news on our plans for the Harare International Carnival and our other activities later this year.

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