A Window on #Zambia

Enjoy the latest edition of ‘A Window on Zambia‘ courtesy of Gill Staden:


The rains have mostly finished and the bush is beginning to dry out. Our next rain will come in October or November.

The bush camps in Kafue National Park are still closed. Luambe Camp is closed. Some of the bush camps in South Luangwa will be open in May and the owners/managers have been out clearing the roads to gain access. Elephants will often knock down a tree or two during the 5 months since the camps were operating, so it needs a team with some axes. Many of the camps will have to be re-built.

The rivers are full with the Zambezi River still very high and lots more water on the way. The Zambezi starts its life in northwest Zambia but then enters Angola for over 300 km where it picks up more water. Angola had floods this year and much of that rainwater ends up in the Zambezi River. The Victoria Falls are thundering.

The map below shows the Zambezi River Basin with the Zambezi River in dark blue.

This time is still our Emerald Season when the bush is green and the grass is long. The animals will often be seen on the tracks where they have a clear view, just as they did during March. The leaves on many trees are already dropping; aloes are in flower.

It won’t be long and the grass will turn yellow and fall over. Soon too the temperatures will drop as we head towards our cold season. Already night-time temperatures are dropping to 14°C.

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