Air Tanzania eyes Moroni / Comoros


Air Tanzania is reportedly eyeing Moroni / Comoros as their first international destination since relaunching operations last year, with March 25th reportedly the date for the inaugural flight, using their B737 for the route. A Dar es Salaam based source with insight into ATCL confirmed that the airline will launch 3 flights a week to Moroni, instead of returning to the more likely destination Nairobi as was widely expected. ‘I think ATC has figured out they need to go to places where there is demand and little competition. If they start up with Nairobi they are running head on into Precision and Kenya Airways and they need a right sized aircraft to do that. Their B737 is used on daily flights to Kilimanjaro and Mwanza and can do Moroni 3 times a week, but to do say 2 added frequencies to Nairobi it might be a stretch. The aircraft of course can fly the route but the question is departure times from Dar and Nairobi for a morning and evening service because just once a day would not do. And that would clash with the domestic flights to Mwanza and Kilimanjaro. Perhaps they are waiting to get more aircraft as they keep telling us, but for now they made the right choice to go to the Comoros instead of other places like Nairobi or Entebbe’. Happy landings to the crews and passengers.