Malindi Culture Festival set to kick off next Friday


The National Museums of Kenya have reiterated their intent to go ahead with the 4th Malindi Cultural Festival, starting on March 29th and set to run over the Easter Weekend, despite the present political uncertainty as an election petition is being heard in Nairobi at the Supreme Court.

The news were passed around at the currently ongoing Holiday Fair 2013 at Nairobi’s Sarit Centre, aimed to attract visitors to Malindi for the Easter weekend and make up for the notable downturn in foreign visitor arrivals experienced right now. The festival organizers, according to a Nairobi based source, expect as many as 70.000 visitors from the coast and upcountry to flock to Malindi to participate in the event, one of Kenya’s main cultural features alongside the Lamu Festival.

The information received included a statement issued yesterday by a senior curator of the museums, one Swaleh Gazaa, which read: ‘We are finalizing preparations for the fourth Malindi Cultural festival , many people were not sure the festival will take place, it’s an annual event which is in our calendar and acts as an assignment NMK undertook. We chose this time of the year because its during the low season (kusi), and there are usually no tourists, the idea was to make season out of the off season, and create a good atmosphere for the tourists visiting the resort town. The hotels volunteered to provide free accommodation for our guests who will be officiating at the event.’

It is understood that a wide sponsorship has been attracted for the festival, ranging from the US Embassy, the National Oil Corporation, the Kenya Maritime Authority, the Kenya Airports Authority, and hotels including Ocean Sports, Aquarius, Turtle Bay and Blue Bay resorts. It is clearly #TembeaKenya time again and with the attractive packages on offer at the Holiday Fair 2013 for Easter trips to the Kenya coast, Malindi would be happy to see more visitors arrive to enjoy not just the beaches but the unique coastal Swahili culture too. Go Travel.