Airbus announces delivery of 5.000th A 320 at Bahrain Air Show


(Picture courtesy of Airbus)
Airbus Industries has announced at the Bahrain Air Show just now that they have delivered the 5.000th aircraft of the hugely successful A 320 family today to Middle East Airlines, with the aircraft now enroute to Beirut for the official handover ceremony to the buyer. The Airbus with serial number MSN5000 completes the delivery of a total order of 7 such aircraft by MEA, aimed to renew their fleet with state of the art aircraft.
MEA operates another 6 A 319 and four A 330-300 aircraft.
Airbus celebrates the 25th anniversary of the first roll out of an A 320 family member aircraft when the first flight took place in 1977 and has now reached over 8.300 orders overall, today flying with over 350 airlines and owners worldwide.
Successor model, the A 320 NEO, has also been an instant hit with airlines with orders piling in thick and fast as airlines are preparing to introduce the next generation aircraft offering substantial savings in operating cost and improved reliability while either offering an added range of 500 nautical miles or a further 2 tons payload.

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