Bombardier sells 5 CSeries plus 5 more options to PrivateAir of Switzerland, announces deal at Bahrain Air Show


Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier announced on day two of the Bahrain Air Show 2012 that they sold 5 CSeries aircraft to Swiss company PrivatAir which also took a further 5 options on the state of the art jet.
With a development time frame of 5 years Bombardier avoided the shortfalls, if not pitfalls of Airbus with the A 380 and of Boeing with the B787, and the combination of both composite materials and conventional construction methods, plus the continuance of supply chains established when building their other models, has helped to make the CSeries become reality this year as the first aircraft is now being built for testing on the ground.

(Seen here: CSeries cabin mock-up and the hybrid cockpit, incorporating the best of the other two philosophies)

The deal in Bahrain was pegged at some US Dollars 309 million but could rise to twice that if the 5 options, as expected, will be exercised. Bombardier has now sold the new CSeries to 11 customers and has a total of 138 orders and a further 124 options on the book with first deliveries expected by 2013. With continuously high aviation fuel prices will the 20 percent reduction in fuel burn be a mighty incentive to opt for this groundbreaking new jet in the 100 150 seat market. Watch this space.

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