#AirSeychelles relaunches residents fares between Mahe and Praslin


(Posted 29th May 2018)

Air Seychelles earlier today announced the re-introduction of resident fares which will offer more flexibility and choice for residents travelling between Mahé and Praslin with the introduction of different fare levels providing more choice on their desired flights.

Set to be launched on Tuesday, 12th of June 2018, the fares will be available for both Seychellois passport holders and expatriates who hold a Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP).

The new pricing level has been designed to provide residents with more choice when planning their travel, by offering a wider range of fare options starting from SCR550 up to SCR2365 for return flights between Mahe and Praslin.

For example, residents of Seychelles who book their flights in advance for travel during the non-peak hours will be able to take advantage of great-value tickets starting at just SCR 550. During peak hours the starting fare of SCR550 will be subject to seat availability, with fares changing depending on how close to departure and for what time of the day flights are being booked.

In addition to the new fares, residents of Seychelles can also now buy last-minute tickets between Mahé and Praslin for travel on the same day directly at the domestic check-in counters located inside the Seychelles International Airport and at the Iles de Palmes Airport in Praslin between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

Air Seychelles will also introduce low-price airfares for senior citizens of Seychelles, aged 63 and above, at a fix rate of SCR412.

Remco Althuis, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles commented as follows: “As the national airline, we are fully committed to facilitating and providing more choice to Seychellois residents when travelling between Mahe and Praslin. The last time we amended our domestic fare structure was nearly seven years ago. Gradually the cost of doing business and travel trends have changed and in response we need to adapt to the market. Ultimately our aim is to provide more choice to residents of Seychelles and with the new fares, residents will have the ability to book their flight well in advance for travel at any time during the year and even last minute at our check-in counters for flying on the same day, pending availability of seats.”

For further ease of travel residents of Seychelles are invited to book their tickets on airseychelles.com and to also check-in online 24 hours in advance up to just 60 minutes before the domestic flight departs.

Resident fares were some years ago discontinued with the then responsible management going to some length to justify their action, much to the dismay of Seychellois who had in the past enjoyed a special deal the same way as citizens qualify for cheaper fares on the ferries between Mahe and Praslin and between Praslin and La Digue.

The move to re-introduce domestic residents fares was immediately welcomed
by a broad section of Seychellois and in particular senior citizens who have to live on their pensions, have according to a source from Victoria expressed their delight over the preferential fares they will begin to enjoy come 12th of June.