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Understanding your booker: Travellers in search of simplicity

Getting to know the mind-set and motivations of Simplicity Searchers will go a long way towards helping you provide this important consumer segment with the perfect holiday. This newly identified tribe is the one most likely to use travel agent services as we move toward 2030. Find out what motivates Simplicity Searchers and plan their holiday accordingly:

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Are Sub-Saharan Africa travellers simplicity searchers?

Simplicity Searchers value above everything else transparency and seamless travel in their planning and holidaymaking, and are willing to outsource their decision-making to trusted parties such as travel agents. Do Sub-Saharan Africa travellers value convenience above anything else? We surveyed a sample group of over 700 participants and the results were astonishing.

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You have all this Customer Data, but how to harness it?

Everyone talks about the importance of big data. But many organizations, although they collect and store customer data, do not put that data to good use – or they don’t know how to. So how can businesses leverage all that big data they’ve collected? CIO gives you 8 ways you can make the most of your customer data:

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Meet Kainembabazi Sabiti – The wanderer at Amadeus EA

Kainembabazi Sabiti, Brand and Communications manager at Amadeus EA, was ‘poached’ from British Airways Uganda and has been with Amadeus for the last 8 years! You’ll either find her at Church or spending time with her family and friends when she’s not out travelling the world. Get to know her a little better:

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Atta Travel celebrates a decade with Amadeus!

As Atta Travel celebrates their 10th year of partnership with Amadeus, the Commercial Director, Mrs. Oubah Meteier shared their key milestones with us. Atta Travel and Tours was the first agency in Djibouti to install the Amadeus system (Vista 2.2) in January 2005. Amadeus looks forward to another decade with Atta Travel.

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Amadeus Hotels

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