Aviation news update – Air Seychelles ‘all ladies crew’ flight enroute from Paris to Mahe


Air Seychelles is once again highlighting their equal opportunities commitments today when an all ladies crew is flying the airline’s B767-300 from Paris to Mahe, due to arrive on the morning of the globally celebrated ‘International Women’s Day’.

The event is being widely covered in the French media and a special welcome is planned later this morning in Mahe for the crew, and a group of the six winners of a quiz carried out in the French media. In charge of the flight is Captain Nicole Chang-Leng, Air Seychelles’ first female pilot and now a senior captain, assisted by First Officer Lishad Matharu. An all female cabin crew completes the ‘line up’ on this special flight. Air Seychelles currently employs 462 female staff and 429 male staff, with more and more ladies actually taking up senior positions in the airline in both flight operations as well as on the ground. Well done ‘Creole Spirit’, happy landings to you all and continued success in everything you do.

(Picture courtesy of Air Seychelles)


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