Aviation news update – KAFTC set for futher expansion


The Kampala Aero Club and Flight Training Centre in Kajjansi continues to grow from strength to strength inspite of ongoing troubles with the supply of AVGAS, one of the ‘Shell is Hell’ legacies left behind by the outgoing global company. Inspite of many assurances, meetings and even interventions by the Ugandan CAA Shell has not found it necessary to establish a reliable supply logistic for AVGAS, an aviation fuel used by piston engined light aircraft, which are widely used in safari flights, general aviation and for almost all privately owned aircraft. Besides facing accusations of profiteering – AVGAS prices in Uganda are very very substantially higher than for instance in Mwanza / Tanzania or Kisumu / Kenya – Shell is also accused of being deaf to the needs of the aviation sector to have reliable fuel supplies and enough of the precious liquid in store to weather a general supply crisis.

That said, KAFTC has in the past resorted to direct imports bringing fuel drums across Lake Victoria from Mwanza, and has boosted their own tank capacity at their own expense, while quietly expressing their hope that when Shell Uganda has finally sold and transacted their departure from the country things can only get better in the future.

Meanwhile though has KAFTC signed up for two DHC Twin Otters, one of the -400 series and a second of the -300 type ‘for back up’.

Their new expanded hangar is also now ready for use, since KAFTC also holds a full UCAA licence as an MRO, allowed to maintain their aircraft ‘in house’ at Kajjansi, instead of having to ferry their ‘birds’ to Nairobi or elsewhere for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements.

KAFTC has since the early 90’s grown into Uganda’s premier air charter company, operating from the Kajjansi airfield outside Kampala and engages in flight training, safari flights, sightseeing flights and commercial charters but not scheduled operations. The airline operates a mixed fleet of fixed wing single and twin engined aircraft plus a helicopter and has been free of fatal incidents since being formed by Captains Jeremy McKelvie and Russell Barnes.

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