Bahr el Jebel Safaris is planning another expedition into South Sudan

I do periodically promote a particular ‘product’ or services and when it comes to South Sudan, a country sadly again at war with itself, I do so because I want toshow the upside of that country and what it could be were peace to be restored
and tourism allowed to flourish.
Bahr el Jebel Safaris, also operating in Northern Uganda, is the only fully licensed
safari and expedition operator left in South Sudan and their continued efforts to find niches and bring visitors to safe places is remarkable.

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Ethnographic Safari

South Sudan is an anthropologist’s dream come true. Because of the repression

from the Khartoum government, for so many decades, the people have been

trapped in the past. They do not understand what a tourist is, they do not speak

any European languages, they are not Christian or Islamic, they have never seen

a TV, or been in an automobile. But that is changing rapidly now with

independence of South Sudan. Cell towers are going up, roads are being graded,

oil and gold have been discovered. Now is the time to see these people.

Murle Dance at Pibor in 2014

Ethnography is defined as – a branch of anthropology that deals with describing cultures.

Join Anthropologist Mr Joan Riera from Barcelona, Spain in visiting the Mundari, Lotuko,Toposa, Jie, Murle, Dinka , Suri/Kachipo and Nuer. Through interpreters mythology, songs, dances and customs will be recorded. The route of the safari will also pass through Boma National Park, the largest park in all of Africa.

Anthropologist Mr. Joan Riera with a Boya girl in 2012 in South Sudan.

Boya Warrior in South Sudan, recording songs about his favorite bull, in 1979. Patti Langton Photo. The objectives of this safari are to record songs and myths, collect artifacts and take photographs of the people.

Mr Riera has his own safari company called Middle-Africa, based out of Barcelona. He specializes in Camaroon. Joan is an anthropologist who has his office in Barcelona, his family is in Uruguay and his passion is the people of Africa.

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See Route 1 on our page ten day safaris for the itinerary and what is included.

DATE: Jan 21-30, 2016

PRICE: $3475 usd per person.

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