Baker’s ‘Discoveries’ to be celebrated in Uganda on the 150th anniversary


Uganda’s tourism and conservation organizations are planning a special commemoration of Sir Samuel Baker’s first visit to Uganda on the forthcoming 150th anniversary.

Credited to have ‘discovered’ the source of the River Nile, back then at the Rippon Falls which got submerged in the 1950’s when the Owen Falls dam was built for the first hydroelectric plant bringing electric power to the country, he at the time also brought the news home to Britain on his return of the existence of Lake Albert and the Rwenzori Mountains, aka Mountains of the Moon. That ‘discovery’ for the Europeans and the rest of the world then led to the Duke of Abruzzi to make the first recorded climb in modern day history during his expeditions to the mountain range on the 18th June 1906, an occasion also celebrated in 2006 with a large number of climbers and expeditions honouring that first conquest in a befitting manner.

UWA Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya said a range of activities are being prepared in conjunction with the Uganda Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage to commemorate the various events and retrace Baker’s route across Uganda.

Baker’s descendants, one of his grandsons and one of his great granddaughters were reportedly in the country to participate in the announcement, but seeing a very different Uganda from the one Baker himself saw at the time which presented itself as one great wilderness area populated by the subjects of the various kings who ruled parts of what is today the Republic of Uganda.

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2 Responses

  1. Perhaps Baker’s wife, who was travelling with him, saw the ‘discoveries’ first. Either way it would be fair to give the lady a mention.