Kenya Airways joins hands with Born Free Foundation against poaching


The Pride of Africa yesterday signed a partnership agreement with the Born Free Foundation to join hands in opposing the wave of poaching currently inflicted on Kenya’s wildlife, where since the beginning of the year at least 70 elephant have been poached and at least four dead rhinos been found with their prized horns removed.

Dr. Titus Naikuni signed the agreement with the founder of Born Free, Mrs. Virginia McKenna, who starred in the classic wildlife film ‘Born Free’ where she played the character of Joy Adamson.

Dr. Naikuni on the occasion was quoted to have said: ‘The poaching of wild animals in the country has a multiplying negative effect which trickles down to that mama mboga who grows vegetables for visitors to eat and all Kenyans need to come together and fight the vice

He went on to say that Kenyans should be taught the importance of wild animals to the country right from the primary school. It is understood that Kenya Airways will provide envelopes in all its planes so that well wishers and conservation minded travelers can make contributions towards the foundation by placing spare cash and change in any currency to the cause.

The contributions which will be collected by KQ and managed by Kenya Wildlife Service and the foundation would be basically for carrying out anti-poaching activities’ did Dr. Naikuni add.

The founder of the foundation, Virginia Mckenna said the country was a top destination and it saddened her when wild animals are killed with impunity. She was quoted saying lions in the country number about 2,000 and they were being threatened because human beings have approached their territories before adding: ‘Lions and other wild animals are the living treasurers of Kenya and you need to take a considerable step in ensuring that they are protected’.

Kenya Airways is the first of major Kenyan corporate entities to join hands with the conservation fraternity to stand up against the poaching menace and the airline’s step will hopefully encourage other leading Kenyan companies to join these efforts too with financial and material contributions. Only last week did the tourism sector at the Kenya coast stage a peaceful and orderly demonstration against poaching and called upon government to declare the out of hand situation a national emergency and release sufficient resources to KWS to start fighting back in earnest.

Watch this space for developments how corporate Kenya will get involved in the anti poaching initiatives now unfolding on many levels.

3 Responses

  1. This is total greenwash, and exactly the sort of weak tourist initiative we at the Fair Game Tourism Initiative oppose. Good PR for the Airline. Little benefit to the rhino. All this announcement says is Kenya Airways has enabled its customers to donate through envelopes on planes. Sorry, but that’s not good enough.

    If Kenya loses its rhinos, elephants and lions, Kenya Airlines business will be in danger of collapsing, because the number of tourists visiting the country will plummet. For self interest as well as because it is the morally right thing to do, they need to be doing considerably more than this.