Breaking News – Juba chosen as main venue to declare independence in July


All available hotel space is being booked up right now for the period of the 09th of July, and the days prior and afterwards, when the new Republic of South Sudan will for formally launched and independence from the ‘old’ Sudan and the regime in Khartoum announced.

The same applies for flights from the regional hubs of Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Entebbe / Uganda, which are said to be filling up at record pace, leaving airlines to ponder the addition of extra flights or even offering charters for groups wishing to travel to Juba to witness the momentous occasion.

However, ground transportation in Juba, already tight at best, seems to become an added restricting factor for visitors wishing to travel to Juba to see the new national flag unfurled and a new exiting era to start.

Inspite of theses logistical challengers, thousands of Southern Sudanese living in neighbouring countries are expected to travel home by road to celebrate the event and witness it to tell their children and grand children, that ‘they were there’.

Regional leaders, international dignitaries, delegations from the African Union, the EAC, COMESA, SADC, IGAD but also from international organisations like the UN are all expected to fly into Juba for the event as all are keen to establish immediate relations with the new country, which is not only rich in oil but also controls a significant portion of the River Nile [White Nile].

Those wishing to ‘be there’ are best advised to make immediate arrangements with reputable airlines, operators and hotels to secure their bookings and then it might be ‘See You There’ on the 09th of July.

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