Breaking News – Seychelles set date for presidential election


The Seychelles government has just announced the dates for the Presidential Elections on the archipelago, when May 19th – 21st were set aside for this regular democratic exercise.

The Electoral Commission pointed out that May 21st will be the ‘main day’ for voting but that due to the distances across the archipelago the outer islands will already start voting on the 19th and 20th of May, to allow the exercise to be completed in time and the ballots delivered back to the main island of Mahe, where the tallying of the votes and final result announcement will take place. That is expected to take place during the night from Saturday to Sunday, giving the people of the Seychelles the outcome without delay.

The Electoral Commission has also set aside April 27th as ‘nomination day’, then leaving just about three weeks for the candidates to campaign for votes.

Like in Uganda the term for president is 5 years, and as we here in Uganda just underwent peaceful and tranquil elections, the same is expected for the Seychelles. Tourism stakeholders have already gone on record with this correspondent saying there is absolutely no cause for concern when the islands go to the polls and that this event will not in any way impact on the holidays and vacations of the thousands of visitors expected to come to the country between nomination day and polling day. President James Michel is going to run for another term of office and is widely expected to be re-elected for another 5 year term.

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