#CoastalAviation mourns the passing of the CEO Paolo Chiaro

We are saddened to hear of the passing of our beloved CEO, Paolo Chiaro who died in Montebelluna, Italy on 20th November 2021.

Paolo, born on 14th May, was a true visionary with exceptional intuition and a strong work ethic. He always kept the wellbeing of his dear ones and his employees at the top of his mind.

Paolo was appointed as the CEO of Coastal Group of companies in 2015 by our founder, the Late Nicola Colangelo. After Nicola’s passing in 2017, Paolo took over the leadership role and lived up to the trust that Nicola placed in him. We at Coastal continue to this day, and will continue into the future, because of Paolo’s hard work and his dedication to keeping the vision alive.

During his time in Tanzania, Paolo Chiaro actively engaged in many sectors of economic activity, including construction, transport and the tourism industry.

Paolo will always be remembered for his drive to explore and build sustainable projects. His perseverance, aspirations and work in conservation have placed a footprint and have defined his legacy in the Tanzanian private sector. He will also be remembered for his generosity and the role he played in advancing the lives of all those who worked for him.

Safari Njema our dear friend!

Coastal Aviation | The Slipway, Dar es Salaam, 0000 Tanzania

ATCNews extends condolences to Paolo’s family, colleagues at Coastal Aviation and all his friends!

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