Colobus Conservation – a project of key importance to Kenya’s south coast


(Posted 24th November 2021)

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you today to ask you to help Colobus Conservation raise emergency funding to continue its operations in the months ahead. We are facing a funding shortfall and are on the brink of shutting down all operations. Rescuing and caring for injured and orphaned monkeys has never been as difficult as it is right now.

Due to travel limitations, which have impacted heavily on Kenya’s tourism industry, the charity has lost 63% of its annual income from Eco-tourism and volunteer donations. In addition, the Zoos that provide much-needed funding for wildlife conservation were closed down forcing them to withhold grant funding. Understandably, funding priorities have shifted to human health which has further reduced the funding available to wildlife conservation.

Despite travel restrictions easing, and many things returning back to some sense of normality, we are still nowhere close to our pre-Covid expected income, and the need for our services increases. Our extremely depleted budget is impacting our ability to continue operations and we are in desperate need of funds.

Colobus Conservation targets to raise $20,000 to make up this shortfall – so we can continue to rescue primates from suffering. Your gift today is urgently needed.

Your support will save lives. By donating today, you will ensure that Colobus Conservation can not only look after all the other monkeys in their care but also any new cases that come to us in need of rescue and care. You will also enable us to retain our dedicated staff team. Please consider sharing our campaign within your networks and inspire them to give too.

Thank you for your commitment to our work.

Warm Regards,
Nancy Mungania
General Manager

Emergency Campaign Page
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