Congo militias suspected in attack on Rwandan gorilla monitoring and research camp


The attack yesterday morning on the Kazi Camp, operated by the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund International, which killed one staff and saw others injured, was swiftly denounced by several sources close to the powers that be in Rwanda. Fingers were also immediately pointed to perpetrators suspected to have come across the open wilderness border from Congo Dr as the most likely scenario, as the attackers mainly concentrated to loot communications equipment which with the set frequencies will let them listen into Rwandan park personnel talking among themselves and to security units deployed along the porous border. The camp itself, after being looted of everything mobile, was then destroyed, which included expensive solar panels and other equipment on the ground, leaving only a shell of what used to be one of two key camps for monitoring and research in the Volcanoes National Park.

All activities were suspended by the fund following the attack while security arrangements and cordons are being reviewed. Said a regular source from Kigali yesterday evening: ‘We all know what has been happening in Congo. Our territory was repeatedly shelled and attacked by Congo forces and their allied militias. Rwanda has not retaliated but opted for diplomatic channels to resolve this issue. It goes to show however that much of the reporting is biased against us. We are the victims here of constant aggression and threats against our people and our territory by militias the UN and the Kinshasa regime have been tolerating and at times working with hand in hand. This attack against the gorilla research camp is an attack against our vital tourism industry. I have no doubt our security forces will strengthen surveillance of the border to prevent any further incursion into this area from across the border. These criminals should not think we will not do what it takes to defend vital interests and protect ourselves and our visitors. Our tourist visitors are safe visiting Rwanda, let there be no doubt about it’.

Other sources echoed these sentiments and expressed hope that when the new African led intervention and peacekeeping force would be deployed in Eastern Congo, the days of the militias would also be numbered. Condolences are expressed to the family and friends of the late Nsengiyumva Edras, who lost his life in the attack.

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  1. This is sad and should be condemned by all peace loving people in the world.Instability in this area has caused untold suffering,loss of wildlife and humans-loss of income from economic activities including tourism.

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