Emirates counters B787 hype with more A380 destinations and frequencies


Emirates sales teams have swiftly reacted across East Africa to the news that arch rival Qatar Airways will launch their new B787 on the route to London from mid December, when the airline announced additional A380 destinations. ‘The Airbus A380 provides the greatest comfort available in the sky today. Emirates’ has invested a lot in developing this product and in particular business and first class passengers cannot find a better inflight environment than on this type of aircraft. All else pales against that experience’ said a regular source close to the Emirates’ office in Kampala as the news on the new A380 destinations was revealed.

Moscow and Singapore both will see the giant aircraft making daily appearances from now on, as Emirates’s A380 fleet now stands at 27, with a further four due for delivery until the end of the year.

When the additional A380’s are available, there will be a lot of changes. From next week all five daily London Heathrow flights will be operated with this aircraft. New York and Paris from January will get a second daily A380 connection. And when more of these aircraft come on line, Emirates will fly to more places with this aircraft, offering the best comfort. And not forget, all our East Africa destinations like Entebbe, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam are served by wide body aircraft which is also more comfortable and more spacious than a smaller single aisle plane’ added the same source in obviously clear reference to an earlier report filed here that Qatar Airways was the Middle East’s launch customer for the B787 Dreamliner, prompting a swift and sharp reaction in the market to the benefit of travelers who got wider choices where to fly to and whom with than ever before. Watch this space for regular aviation updates from Eastern Africa.