Creole food made popular by new recipe book from Reunion


(Posted 02nd April 2015)

The very Creole nature of the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion becomes apparent in many ways, language, art, poetry, dance but perhaps mostly in the cuisine of the island, which is a unique blend of French fusion with the exotic spices and cooking methods found here.

Visitors to the island will be able to confirm that the food indeed is special, not just lovingly prepared and presented but colourful to please both the eye as well as the palate.

Sophie Gastrin, one of Reunion’s tourism ambassadors and a journalist by profession – she is well known to work alongside William Leymergie at Telematin / France 2 – has now launched a Creole cooking book with plenty of recipes, something no doubt many visitors will take back home with them to try their own hand in the kitchen to produce a meal garnished with memories from the island.

In the book can readers find all the want to know about appetizers, entrees, desserts, side dishes, in total 25 custom menus, including 50 recipes of appetizers and dishes, accompaniments and twenty seven desserts that will light up the taste buds of gourmets and gourmands.

The Cuisine of the Island of Reunion’ is a book that invites to a culinary trip to Reunion, to discover its gastronomic heritage but also to the meeting of cultures that have shaped its history. The cultural mix of the island is also found in the plates for its cuisine that blends European influences, Chinese, Indian, African and Malagasy. Note that the book not only contains a large collection of recipes, which come with a wide range of illustrations, but also comes with a comprehensive list of outlets in mainland France where to source products from Reunion. No more excuses not to try Reunion’s recipes in one’s own kitchen!

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