Hotels and restaurants in Rwanda’s capital under scrutiny this week


(Posted 02nd April 2015)

As reported here have one off cases of complaints by customers of hotels and restaurants in Kigali led to one off inspections to ensure that remedial measures are taken by the owners.

Kigali city authorities have now launched a full scale across the board visit to hotels and restaurants as part of their annual Hygiene Inspection Week which will extend to all parts of the city. The findings of the teams in the field in some cases prompted closures and demands for immediate measures to uplift standards in others.

The Rwanda Development Board, the licensing organ for tourism businesses across the country, has in the past regularly emphasized the need for high standards in the industry and held series of related training workshops in conjunction with private sector associations.

With tourism one of the backbones of the country’s economy, the sector earned over 303 million US Dollars last year, and a concerted effort to position Rwanda as one of East Africa’s leading MICE destinations when the new national convention centre is complete, are standards of increasing importance, for reasons of competition but also for reasons of client satisfaction.

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