By Eunice Rakhale-Molefe

(Posted 20th September 2022)

Most travellers visiting sunny South Africa are here for more than just the blissful weather and
wildlife. They’re looking for authentic experiences that explore our culture, cuisine, history and
.” Says publisher, cookbook author and former restauranteur, Eunice Rakhale-Molefe.

Culinary storytelling with Eunice are all about blending local heritage, mouth-watering South
African flavours, and colourful cultures together, providing curious travellers with a well-
rounded sensory experience to remember.

Eunice is the founder of Book Tourism, a tourist experience company. Based on the book that
she has published South African Culinary Heritage, the company offers Foodie Media Tours,
Culinary Tourism Workshop and hosts Culinary Storytelling.

Culinary Storytelling is a unique interactive food experience at distinctive culinary destinations.
The activity encompasses traditional food, drink and wine experience; a narrative recipe book
and personal encounter with former restaurant owner and cook book author Eunice Rakhale-
Molefe. This experience is targeted at International tourists mainly The Free Independent
Travelers (Fits). That is, travellers who plan their own trips and prefer to travel in small groups,
the Western and Northern Europe countries.

The package includes an interactive African dining experience and a take-home souvenir in the
form of a signed copy of Eunice’s book, South African Culinary Heritage, which took a total of
seven years to write and research. The book is essentially a combination of a memoir and varied,
authentic African recipes that guests can feel empowered to cook up in their own kitchens back

Ultimately, the main goal of Eunice’s culinary storytelling experience is to get travellers excited
about South African culture and cuisine, to provide them with the information necessary to
spread the word and get others excited too, all while playing a part in preserving our country’s
rich and diverse heritage.

The Experience: What To Expect?

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with a glass of locally brewed ginger beer, followed by a
generous, traditional three course buffet dinner (there are over 100 African and fusion dishes to
choose from) complemented by a selection of local wines. As they tuck into their meal, guests
are treated to a live performance from an African band, involving traditional music genres,
instruments, and dancing. Once their tummies are full, they’ll get cosy around an open fire where
Eunice will artfully take them on a captivating journey through the history of African culture and
cuisine, with a particular focus on the history of shebeens, traditional drinks, and various local
tea recipes, along with sharing many heartfelt and beguiling stories of her own.

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