Derek Houston’s latest Spotlight Workshops aim at Scandinavia

There is the saying about location, location and more locationbut equally is it true that one can add marketing, marketing and
more marketing to it.
The best location, without marketing, will not be known and good marketing can lift even a relatively poor location into the limelight.

Derek, thorough as usual, gives potential attendees all the right reasons to be there and considering his past successes to put Africa on the map, put East Africa on the map for that matter, speak volumes about his level of planning and the subsequent execution of his Spotlight Workshop series.

Below is some shared content what attendees can expect when tagging along:

Spotlight on Africa & Indian Ocean Islands Nordics roadshow from November 24 to 26 2015 – the week after IBTM World Barcelona

The Nordic countries are a major emerging market for African Countries

Here are some interesting Facts

  • The four Nordics markets are proving to be very resilient market for South Africa with no significant downturn in numbers in 2014. Close to 100,000 Nordic arrivals into South Africa in 2014.
  • South Africa is the Nordics 5th biggest outbound market –after USA, Thailand, Dubai and Canada.
  • Nordics travellers are big spenders –per capita Nordics travellers are amongst the highest spenders in the world .They spend 90% more on food & accommodation than other European tourists.
  • Marketing & sales people and National Tourism Board’s need to consider NORDICS AS A REGION not as 4 Individual countries. As a region Nordics is the third largest European outbound market.
  • Click here for more market information and a PowerPoint presentation on the value of the Nordics market, programme, costs etc

Our six previous seashows to the Nordics cities have been a resounding success for exhibitors with attendees comprising outbound tour operators, incentive Travel companies and Travel agents.

Exhibitors were particularly impressed with the quality of the attendees enabling them to meet with the decision makers of most of the major outbound operators, Incentive Travel DMC’s and Travel Agents in each country.

For more information about this year’s events planned click on the following link and

for full details on Spotlight Nordics and all the upcoming workshop/exhibitions in 2015 and 2016.

It is also important from the trade visitor’s perspective, to have the widest possible number of Africa/Indian Ocean Islands countries represented at the workshops. This is why Derek always balances the number of exhibitors from each country and place a restriction on the number of DMC’s to a maximum of two per country- First Come first served!!!

Smart move no doubt … after all, it is all about Marketing, Marketing and more Marketing.