No 414 Wildlife Trade News: 26th May

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South African rhino named Hope after surviving horrific attack by poachers who left her with a 20-inch wound after hacking her horns off

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No 414 Wildlife Trade News: 26th May

Vietnam claims drop of 77% in rhino horn demand in a year (NA COMMENT: Tell that to the rhino above….that’s if you believe this claim made by CITES Vietnam.)

’Stop Using Rhino Horn’ denies link with stats on horn buyers in Vietnam

Wildlife crime and trade is under-reported and under-played

Hongkongers for the most part unaware about extent of illegal ivory sale. Only 26 per cent of HK people knew that the money from poaching often went to fund militant groups’ activity and organised crime

The efficacy of trading rhino horn debunked

Trading in Chaos. The impact at home and abroad

of illegal logging in the DRC. EXTRACT: Kinshasa May 26 – Logging violations, disenfranchised local communities, the cutting of endangered tree species without valid authorisation, destruction of threatened Bonobo habitat and worldwide export of suspect timber. These are just some of the effects of the chaos being wreaked at home and abroad by one of the major industrial logging companies in Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) according to a new report from Greenpeace Africa.

Trading in Chaos: The impact at home and abroad of illegal logging in the DRC documents two years of field investigations in the logging concessions of Lebanese-owned company Cotrefor as well as various ports across the world where the timber is exported and traded. The results demonstrate how the company is able to operate with total impunity, appearing to infringe numerous regulations and to treat both its own workers and local forest residents with scant regard.

Finding Hope for the Rainforests of Malaysia


Africa’s Anti-Poaching Problem. How Wildlife Trade Bans Are Failing the Continent’s Animals

Sabah raises idea for shark park

Traffic Southeast Asia. Greater vigilance in Indonesia since the horrifying discovery of Yellow Crested Cockatoos smuggled in bottles has resulted in several more seizures of trafficked wild birds. This month dozens more were found on passenger ship in the Aru Islands, Maluku and at least one more on a ship docked at Pantoloan port, Sulawesi. Several suspects have been detained.

Palm oil activist murdered in Jakarta

Golden Agri-Resources, the biggest buyer of CPO

produced by a company that is relentlessly

clearing HCS forests in Papua

Time to up the ante against animal abuse. MALAYSIA
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Baby orangutan Jacko rescued by our team in West Borneo thanks to intervention of local Dayak man

China, Peru and Brazil mull Amazon railway

Orangutan’s future still in limbo. SABAH/MALAYSIA

Africa: Crime Fighters Recognized for Tackling Illegal Trade in Wildlife, Chemicals and Waste

Durian, guns and rust add color to animal hell. THAILAND

Animals Behind Bars For Human Entertainment! SRI LANKA

INDONESIAN Zoo reviewed over orangutan’s death

Singapore just seized $6 million of illegal ivory

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Poachers killed half Mozambique’s elephants in five years. Government-backed survey shows elephant numbers declined from 20,000 to 10,300 due to illegal wildlife trade and lack of governance

Mozambique, Tanzania sign anti-poaching pact

Botswana and Namibia clash over elephant poaching

Chandaka losing its jumbos. INDIA

Logged area exceeds forests in peninsula. MALAYSIA

Paramount’s Anti-Poaching and K9 Academy wins PR gold

SA undecided on sale of rhino horn stockpile

More visitors, more poachers in Kruger Park

Iran multiplies fines for poachers

Notorious poachers finally caught

Botswana: Patrol Team Kills Three Poachers

Say No to Killing the Big Cats-HH. ZAMBIA

Mozambique: Sofala Governor Lifts Ban On Logging

Scientists mapping threatened Sloth Bear hotspots in India

Lack of Caspian Agreement Killing Rare Sturgeon

Over 90,000 rare saiga antelopes dead in Kazakhstan in 10 days

Wildlife Service relocating 14 black rhino to the Sera Conservancy

Red coral poaching still ‘rampant’

Rising coral poaching in China

Poachers kill 3 chinkaras, one blackbuck in Jodhpur

Qinghai police officer detained for poaching endangered animals

Wildlife Directorate Facing Challenges In Controlling Poaching In Jonglei. Jonglei state’s Directorate of Wildlife, Conservation and Tourism has faced challenges on monitoring of the wildlife in the state because of the ongoing South Sudan’s crisis.

South Africa: Man Arrested for Hit On Anti-Poaching Investigator

Namibia: Poaching and Chinese Residency

Mozambique, Vietnam Join Hands In Wildlife Conservation Protection

WeChat takes fight against illegal wildlife trade online

Regional Capacity, Cooperation Crucial to Combat Wildlife Trafficking Seventy one officers from Interpol, wildlife law enforcement and CITES management authorities in nine African countries, including East and Central Africa, and the Horn of Africa have today completed a five-day training workshop building their capacity to combat wildlife trafficking.

Who is the world’s wildlife favourite airline?

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