#DiaryofaMuzungu author promises more seminars in 2019


(Posted 18th December 2018)


The workshop last week at the Athena Hotel in Bugolobi / Kampala, held by Charlotte and supplemented by a presentation from Dr. Celestine Katongole, was not just a sellout but also, going by comments received from workshop participants, a huge success.
Though Charlotte then departed for her Festive Season vacation the next day, she did engage further with ATCNews.org first and said: ‘I will be running this workshop again at different locations around the country from early next year. If the demand is there, I may also run more basic "Beginner’s Guides to Facebook" for example. If tourism stakeholders are interested in these or any other marketing training courses, please let me know. I’m always open to new ideas‘.
Charlotte went on to say: ‘Continuous learning is key to mastering digital marketing. I have, though my recent workshops, given some introductory ideas and guidance. There is of course more advice available online and the majority of it is free. In addition to written articles, there are many YouTube video guides that talk you through the process of setting up a Facebook page or creating an Instagram account, for example. However, for more detailed help, I am available for consultancy and one to one or in-house training‘.

Charlotte, on her revamped website www.diaryofamuzungu.com has now also introduced a section where small and medium enterprises in tourism – large ones too of course – can get visibility and promote their services, at a very affordable fee that is.

Anyone interested can get in touch with Charlotte through the contact link on her website or directly access https://www.muzungubloguganda.com/travel-directory/

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