Did Nairobi based media house deliberately mislead Kenyans over flight delays?


(Posted 03rd October 2016)

Flight KQA8604 is a service operated by JamboJet on which Kenya Airways’ has a code share agreement. There should therefore be no misunderstanding about whose flight this is. It was no a Kenya Airways flight nor was there any truth in deliberate lies peddled in the media that 24 flights were delayed yesterday. There was one notable delay among Kenya Airways services on Sunday and that was for a flight to Kilimanjaro under flight number KQ436 outbound and KQ437 inbound. That so called journalist should hang his head in shame for lying to the public‘ said a regular aviation source from Nairobi close to the national airline.
Social media too had a field day falling for the lies and the usual suspects entered into a foam from the mouth frenzy bashing KQ without ascertaining the facts, before, probably in shame too, they eventually halted their attacks when realising they have been had by an unscrupulous scribe with an obvious hate agenda. Instead of turning against him and the media house though, in a clear sign of a total lack of ethics and morals, silence then prevailed.
Said another regular source based at Nairobi’s Wilson Airport: ‘That paper is known as a gutter press. They have gotten their stories wrong so often I lost count. They have some sort of bias against KQ for reasons best known to themselves or those in the background using that paper to expand their own political agenda. Even the voucher they showed is from Jambojet, so why blame Kenya Airways and why make false claims that thousands of passengers were stranded? That man and that paper have a hidden agenda, plain and simple‘.

Kenya Airways in the meantime did not take the bait and simply issued a two line statement as follows:

We confirm that all our flights planned for today [Sunday] are operational except for KQ436/7‘.