Who is stalling Fastjet’s regulatory approvals for wetleased E190’s?


(Posted 03rd October 2016)

Given the recent ‘revival‘ of Air Tanzania have alarm bells gone off within Tanzania’s aviation fraternity over the apparent delay to have Fastjet’s new wet leased Embraer E190’s approved to carry out scheduled flights.
As some of the Airbus A319 leases have expired and the planes been returned to the lessors did the replacement aircraft not arrived in time, reportedly over a hold up in regulatory approvals, as this aircraft type has never been registered before in Tanzania.
While some aviation sources have suggested foul play have others blamed the slow work methods by regulatory staff though one regular commentator from Dar es Salaam has seen nothing wrong with this situation at all when in contrast to others saying: ‘That’s just life. Somethings things get delayed. Any suggestion of foul play is absurd! This will be sorted out in a day or two‘ giving rise to the added feedback received from another source who said: ‘Understand the level of pressure the regulators are under. ATCL just got two new planes. Their new directors and managers were given a few months by their bosses to turn the airline around, so now some may think the regulators have card blanche to mess with competitors? Anything is possible, anything, so I don’t rule that out. Also, TCAA has not issued any statement on this situation and keeping quiet on such developments is simply fueling the speculation‘.
Fastjet on their website merely spoke of schedule disruptions for Saturday, Sunday and today, uncharacteristically not going into details as to why, lending further rise to speculation that something was going on behind the scenes.
Once the replacement aircraft have arrived and a full schedule been restored be sure to read about it right here.

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