Dubai commences trial runs on new Emirates A380 terminal


I bring good tidings this Christmas’ did a regular source start the conversation yesterday evening, when wishing me a Merry Christmas. ‘Our new A380 terminal in Dubai is now being tested and we learned that two trials were done successfully. This is the first and only terminal in the world exclusively for the A 380. When it is open all our passengers from Uganda will connect to their A380 destinations through this new facility. We now have about 30 of these giant aircraft in service and still twice as many on order. The more of them we have, the more new destinations will be switched from the B777 to the A380. The new terminal is linked by rail to the rest of the airport and every passenger connecting from or to the big Airbus to their flights with other aircraft will use that connection. When the new facility opens next year flying with Emirates through Dubai will be the best experience one can have, wide body and then super wide body all the way’.

There was plenty of pride audible in this bubbling explanation and it was subsequently established that indeed two trials on the 15th and 22nd December had taken place with each involving well over 1.000 ‘actors’ doing their role play. Emirates brought Dubai Airports, DNATA, concessionaires, security, customs and immigration on board to carry out the trials to avoid an opening nightmare of the sort British Airways had a few years back when their new Terminal 5 opened the doors and chaos ruled for days at end.

Going by Emirates’ past performance, such as the recent multiple delivery of new aircraft establishing a new single day delivery record, the new terminal, when finally opened for the exclusive use by Airbus A380 aircraft, will be setting the stage for raising passenger capacity from about 60 million to about 75 million passengers per year, leaving plenty of growth potential for the Dubai national airline which continues to expand both destinations and frequencies across their global network. Be sure to watch this space for the announcement when the new Terminal # will be finally commissioned and then, perhaps give this award winning airline a chance to fly you across the world on an A380 and experiencing the new terminal close up and personal. Merry Christmas to you all.

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  1. thats so great to hear. congs. if i may ask, are there any job opportunities for some people like mi who wants to b an are hostess? jus askin and if there is wud u offer it to mi coz its ma dream since………… thanx

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