Seychelles cross 200.000 visitor threshold this Christmas


It is a befitting Christmas present for the Creole island paradise of the Seychelles that the 200.000th visitor to the archipelago is expected any time from now, a major event to be suitable celebrated at the Mahe International Airport in the presence of senior tourism and aviation officials.

It is the first time in the Seychelles history that over 200.000 visitors will have come to the islands, by air and by sea, to enjoy the warm hospitality, the pristine waters and beaches and the natural attractions found in terrestrial and marine national parks and nature reserves. This number represents over twice the total Seychellois citizens living on some of the 115 islands of the archipelago. Over half of the Seychelles is officially designated as a protected area, but tourists come not just for those wonders but also to participate in the many festivals and events which now dominate the annual calendar.

The Seychelles recorded an increase in arrivals of over 7 percent this year, up from 194.753 for 2011 and this is attributed to the determined campaigns of the tourism board and private sector efforts to open up new markets. Cooperation with airlines like national carrier Air Seychelles, but notably also Emirates and Qatar Airways, among others, has brought the global spotlight to the islands. Daily connections, 28 alone from the three main hubs in the Gulf, per week have put the Seychelles just one stop away from most points in the world and making it reachable for all those seeking that holiday of a lifetime, for those on a budget as much as for those with platinum credit cards seeking the best in hospitality there is. Exclusive island hideaways accessible by helicopter or yacht only offer some of the most exclusive honeymoon spots for the immensely rich and globally famous while elsewhere on the archipelago a young couple may tie the knot, organized by their resorts or beach side villas and also take home memories made in Seychelles, lasting for a life time.

Merry Christmas to my many friends on the Seychelles and congratulations to the country’s tourism industry for this remarkable achievement.

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