East African aviation news update – Ash cloud ‘may affect’ departures and arrivals


Twice in as many years have warnings been sounded to airlines flying to and from European airport, or across European airspace, that the fresh outbreak of the notorious Icelandic volcano might bring with it resh misery, flight delays and cancellations.

Travellers across Eastern Africa have been told by travel agents and airlines, presently as a precaution, to be aware of the situation which remains fluid and may result in sudden closure of destination airports in Europe, causing flights to be diverted or not leaving in the first place.

Kenya Airways is said to be monitoring the developments closely and are in touch with their partner airlines KLM / Air France on a constant basis to get the latest updates but are also consulting frequently with European aviation authorities which are the ones actually able to close airspaces at an instant’s notice.

Initial feedback from sources in Brussels pointed out that the current situation might not have to involve large scale closures of the designated airways over Europe, giving hope to travelers to and from Eastern Africa that they might be spared the at times huge delays and costly return journeys witnessed last year.

All intending travelers are reminded to stay in touch with their travel agents and their airlines to remain appraised and informed about any changes before they leave for the airport.

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