Kenya news update – Fix the Mara road, government told


The appalling state of the main road between Narok and the Masai Mara Game Reserve, the jewel in the crown of Kenyan game parks, has now reached parliament when questions were raised about the lack of repairs and upgrades on this key tourist access road to the park. Assistant Minister for Tourism Hon. Mbarire in fact had to concede that she was asked about this problem point blank when encountering people at recent tourism trade fairs she attended on behalf of government, a sign that the ‘bad news’ have spread and something needs to be done urgently to redress the situation.

The majority of visitors come to the park by road, and while flying is more expensive experienced travelers rather book themselves on one of the many daily scheduled flights from Wilson Airport, for instance on SafariLink, Fly 540 or Air Kenya, to avoid being shaken to bits while on the road.

Tour operators too are in near constant argument with government over the state of this but also other roads leading to parks, as potholes and ‘washing board’ surfaces on gravel roads take a huge and very costly toll on vehicle suspensions, shock absorbers and car bodies.

Information was also provided that work contracts had been issued but feedback from Nairobi from regular sources was clear that no machinery or workers columns were seen as yet on the dilapidated stretch of road to the Sekenani gate. Watch this space as fact finding continues on site in coming days.

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