#Emirates crew member dies after fall from aircraft in #Entebbe


(Posted 15th March 2018)


A crew member of Emirates was pronounced dead on arrival yesterday at Kisubi Consolata Hospital after sustaining fatal injuries following a fall from a Boeing B777 at Entebbe International Airport.
When ground personnel saw her fall and crash to the ground was the ambulance service at the international airport immediately dispatched to transport her to a nearby hospital but it appears that the fall victim was beyond help and doctors at the hospital could only confirm her death.
While a post mortem is being carried out now to determine the exact cause of the death has the airline yet to release the name of the crew to the public, likely waiting to have her family notified first.
The deceased was reportedly part of the crew which was due to take the aircraft back to Dubai after the daily routine stop in Entebbe and departed late as a result of the incident.
No passengers were on board at the time of the incident and were then reportedly kept in the departure lounge until local security staff had ascertained that no third party was apparently involved in the incident.

(Picture from local social media sources)

It appears that the crew member had opened an emergency door for reasons still to be established and then either fell or deliberately stepped off the aircraft.

A statement by CAA about the incident

The Civil Aviation Authority, managers of the International Airport in Entebbe, subsequently released a short statement, absolving themselves from any blame with emphasis that the aircraft had safely landed and parked.

Condolences are expressed to the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased.

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