#EritreanAirlines also adds more flights to Addis Ababa


(Posted 04th November 2018)

Eritrean Airlines too is tapping into the increasing traffic between Addis Ababa and Asmara and has announced a fourth weekly flight between the two capital cities.
Already flying a Boeing B737 on the route on Monday, Thursday and Sunday will a fourth flight launch on the 16th of November, then adding a Tuesday service.
Ethiopian is presently flying double daily but will as of December add six more services between Addis and Asmara, then operating under fifth freedom rights to both London and Rome / Milan. When these flights commence will the weekly services by Ethiopian to Asmara rise to 20 and with four more flights operated by Eritrean will the two capitals see 24 weekly connections, compared to none at all just a few months ago.
Eritrean Airlines will also add another domestic flight, connecting Asmara with the port city of Assab, with that service operating every Friday, effective also in December. This flight is thought to be largely aiming at connecting traffic from Addis Ababa after Ethiopia has begun to use the Eritrean ports once again for their imports and exports and where added connectivity is key to increase that business.

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