Ethiopian set to add Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul and Manila


A source in Addis Ababa confirmed reports seen earlier on that Ethiopian, one of the leading contenders for supremacy in the African skies, will be adding three more Far East destinations with the upcoming summer flight schedule.

Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul and Manila can now be booked through the airline’s reservation system as seen via It is not clear at the moment though how the present grounding of Ethiopian’s entire B787 fleet will impact on the planned summer programme, considering the comparable load and range limitations of the ageing B767 fleet the airline still operates and which had to step in and step up to permit the ambitious present schedule to operate, leave alone the expanded summer schedule.

Long haul flights presently have to stop over as only the B787 for instance would be able to reach Ethiopian’s North American destinations nonstop and while according to the source demand is sustained, passenger feedback is not entirely positive vis a vis the stop overs or the comparably out of fashion cabins, compared to what the new B787 now offers in inflight comfort.

The new destinations will all come on line effective 18th June 2013 and are then expected to operate year round.

Watch this space for regular and breaking aviation news from the vibrant Eastern African airline industry.

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