Former German Ambassador Klaus Holderbaum makes Presidential Advisor on Tourism


Former German Ambassador to Uganda, Klaus Holderbaum, was recently appointed as Presidential Advisor on Tourism and Trade, after already serving previously as Advisor to the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry, as it was then known. Holderbaum served as Germanys Ambassador to Uganda between 1999 and 2003 and then retired from the German Foreign Service, opting not to return home to his native Germany but making Uganda his permanent retirement home.
Not long afterwards he received his first appointment as advisor to the tourism ministry, renewed at a later stage, and his current job therefore comes as no surprise to those with insight into the workings of Ugandas inner political circles.
A member of the Skal Club of Kampala, in his capacity as tourism advisor to the ministry (rtd) and now in his new capacity as advisor to the President, Holderbaum has remained a feature in Kampala, not the least for his towering size which has him stand way above the crowds, though never once looking down on anyone.
Like this correspondent, Holderbaum is a Permanent Resident in Uganda, having been granted residency for life, and equally like this correspondent Holderbaum has joined the tourism industry, though after his retirement from the German foreign service unlike this correspondent with 37+ years under his belt in Kenya and Uganda. And in a further coincidence of sorts, Holderbaum too enjoys cooking and creating culinary delights, making for a sound friendship between the two since his arrival in Uganda 13 years ago.
Congratulations to Klaus on his appointment and that good fortune may shine on all his does for the sector from here on.

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