Fresh hope for Kampala’s commuters as bus company strikes deal with city bosses


(Posted 04th April 2015)

Information has come to light that the Kampala Capital City Authority and Pioneer Easy Bus have finally struck a deal allowing several hundred busses back on the road by mid-April.

The company was grounded last year over allegedly unpaid taxes, fees and royalties leaving commuters struggling with the immediate rise in fares by other transport providers but also facing a lack of transport capacity.

In recent weeks has KCCA successfully engaged with the Rift Valley Railways company to launch commuter trains from Namanve to Kampala, with several stops enroute to allow commuters to board. This together with the now confirmed return of the busses forms part of the authority’s strategy to provide affordable and safe transport into and out of the city for the growing number of commuters who live as far as 25 kilometres and even further from the city itself. Traffic during morning and evening rush hour is often gridlocked prompting calls for transit traffic to be banned from the city and to regulate the operating times of heavy vehicles into and out of the city. The Northern bypass around the city is due to be expanded into a proper dual carriage highway when it was found that the single lane each way road was on launch already too overstretched and the provision of public mass transport services too will help to reduce the congestion of the city’s roads by smaller capacity vehicles.

Kudos for KCAA and the authority’s Executive Director Ms. Jennifer Musisi and her team.