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(Posted 01st March 2023)


GHE newsletter 2023-2


We promised ourselves that this newsletter would not go out until we have our non-profit status in Rwanda sorted out … But, our friends, bureaucracy wins again! As the registration drags on, our travel section is busier than ever. Here’s what’s new:
  • we have decided to go public with our registration struggles, hoping that would help us officially exist before the first international volunteers arrive in March
  • February was full of tours and activities; we would sometimes have 3 different things happening in Uganda and Rwanda on the same day
  • Rwanda has extended the pandemic discounts into 2023; those who live anywhere in Africa can still visit gorillas for USD 500 only
  • while Congo’s Goma and Virunga NP remain off-limits for tourism, Bukavu and Kahuzi-Biega NP with Grauer’s gorillas would be more than glad to receive you!
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