#LaikipiaForum is requesting for #ConceptPapers from #Kenya


(Posted 01st February 2023)



The Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) has established its first call for grant proposals with the assistance of the Mazingira Conservation Fund (MCF).

MCF is an initiative that supports practical interventions aimed at wildlife and habitat protection, conservation education, community natural resources conservation, and women-led conservation enterprises. It is dedicated to working specifically with women, indigenous groups, and youth. It supports initiatives that are courageous and creative in addressing wildlife, habitat, and natural resources conservation.

This Fund supports projects in areas where demand is highest; where projects are focused on benefits to communities or community organizations; where small conservation activities yield big results; and where local community capacities to protect threatened species and ecosystems are low or under-resourced. Projects should be local and should focus on natural resources conservation activities in the Greater Laikipia Landscape, the area defined by the Upper Ewaso Ng’iro Basin.

Your comments are welcome and will receive a response in due course.

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